Are you new to the UAE?

What do I need to do during my visa process?

The submissions will be handled by CBD but if you are completing an employment visa you will be required to sign an Offer Letter and a Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE)Contract copy. You will also be required to attend a medical screening and if your position is unskilled (not managerial) then you will also be required to attend an employment law training session.

What is the medical screening for?

The medical screening will be done for all new visas and all renewals. It consists of a blood test and chest x-ray, these tests are for communicable diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and tuberculosis.

Can I do my medical screening at any time?

Your medical screening must be conducted in a Dubai Health Authority approved centre once your “Change of Status” has been approved. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the test but the centres can be busy. We recommend visiting early in the morning to avoid long waits.

What is Tawjeeh Training?

Tawjeeh training was introduced in Q4 2018 and applies to people newly entering the country or unskilled workers applying for a renewal or a visa under a new sponsor. Once you have completed the training you will not do it again. The training lasts approximately 90 minutes and outlines the local labour laws so you know what to expect in relation to your employment here in the UAE.

What is a Change of Status?

If you complete your visa application inside the UAE you will still be issued with an Entry Permit even though you are not “entering” through any border. The Change of Status is the manual process of moving you from whatever visa you currently hold, either a tourist visa or a previously cancelled visa, onto your new residence visa. Once your Change of Status is issued your previous status no longer applies and you are on your new visa pending successful completion of your medical screening, issuance of your medical insurance and, for employment visas, the final signature on your MOHRE contract.

Can I travel during my visa process?

You can travel up to the issuance of your Entry Permit. As soon as your Entry Permit is used to enter the UAE, or your manual Change of Status is done, then you cannot travel until your visa stamp is issued.

Do I need medical insurance to apply for my visa?

It is a requirement in the UAE that employers provide medical insurance for their employees, this will need to be issued before your visa stamp can be finalised. The sponsoring company on the insurance card should match the visa sponsor to avoid unnecessary delays.

I want to sponsor my family, what do I need?

In order to sponsor your family, you need to have your own visa and you must have already received your Emirates ID, this can take 2-3 weeks once your visa is issued. Men should have a minimum salary of 5000 AED and women of 10000 AED. For children, it is the convention that these are sponsored by their father, if the mother is to be the sponsor then a No Objection Certificate (NOC)is required from the father. Any sponsored dependants will also require an insurance policy but the company name does not need to figure on the paperwork as the family member is the principal sponsor.

If I am sponsored by my husband will I be able to work?

Women sponsored by their husbands may be able to work if they obtain an NOC from their husband by applying for a Labour Card (Work Permit) through their company.