Are you new to running a business in the UAE?

What do we need to Sponsor Employees?

To sponsor employees the company needs to be registered with Immigration who will issue an Establishment Card and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) who will issue a 6-digit company code.

What is an Establishment Card?

The Establishment Card, issued by Immigration at the time of opening is very much like an Emirates ID for your company and as such is important for utilities providers when setting up or modifying contracts. It also shows who will be the signatories for any visa sponsorship applications. Even if you do not plan to sponsor any employees you will still need to have an Establishment Card.

What is the MOHRE file opening?

Once you are ready to sponsor employees you will need to register your company with the MOHRE and open a file. You will be issued a 6-digit unique identity number so that your employees can be correctly linked to your account in the MOHRE system. File opening can take up to 3 weeks as the MOHRE will verify other documents included your Trade Licence and Ejari as well as information about the company structure.

What is WPS?

WPS, or the Wage Protection Scheme, is linked to your MOHRE file and is designed to ensure that all employees receive their full salary in a regular and timely manner. If any salaries are not paid, or not paid in full, and there is not additional justification (e.g. leave without pay) then the companies MOHRE file can be blocked or the company may be fine. If the MOHRE file is blocked then no other transactions will be allowed until the issue is rectified. The WPS system can be set up by most banks in the UAE and your bank will be able to assist with any WPS specific queries.