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Are you thinking of establishing a business in the Middle East?
You are in the right place. Here’s why we are the right partners for you to build a thriving business in this region.

Exciting opportunities await

There are several business opportunities for you in the Middle East and many routes to market. Over the years, the Middle East continues to diversify their economy with tourism and business, making it now one of the most lucrative and exciting regions that offers immense opportunities for foreign investors.

However, you will need the expertise of the right partner to make headway in your business. We have extensive experience and have worked with several companies to ensure that you, our customer, has a ruffle-free experience.

Impeccable customer service

At CBD with three-decades of legal and commercial expertise across our leadership team, advising and assisting international organizations and entrepreneurs with their ‘mainland’ market entry, we understand your requirements. Local laws can sometimes be difficult to understand, and that’s why we are here for you.

We will ensure that your business is correctly structured and holds all the right authorizations and licences it requires to comply with local laws and regulations. We are here for you every step of the way.

Assisted international organisations

Years collective GCC experience

Clients continue to increase their headcount

Different sectors  

Long-term relationships

We always view every new business as a long-term relationship. We work together and we succeed together. We forge a solid, long-term with our customers and enable them to get a foothold in the Middle East, or to develop an existing business in the UAE – this is our top priority.

Think of us as your partners who will help you grow your business and prosper, no matter the scale.
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