Summary of the UAE government visa changes due to Covid-19

In light of the UAE government updates due to the speed and severity of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have created the below summary of possible, conditional or blocked visa actions and notes applicable at present.

Please note the steps to obtain your UAE visa in the following table. Any step that is still possible to complete under restricted conditions is circled, those that are still possible without conditions are highlighted in green.

Additional notes;

  • Applications for labour cards and/or residence visas for individuals outside of the UAE, or, inside the UAE on a tourist visa are not being processed at this point in time,
  • It is possible to obtain a new on-shore employment visa inside the country as long the employee is exiting a previous UAE residence visa at the time and is not moving from a Free Zone company to an on-shore company,
  • Employment, Spouse and Children’s visa renewals are still possible whilst the individuals are inside the country,
  • Medical tests/Emirates ID applications are still possible as long as the previous steps have been approved and completed,
  • After your employer has completed the “Change of status”, the visa application must be completed before exiting the UAE,
  • If you have a work permit approved, it doesn’t mean the entry permit will be approved and the visa will be issued,
  • Individuals inside the UAE on a Visit visa for selected countries can be extended at Amer centres or at Immigration directly, this is likely to be limited to one 30 day extension per applicant,

The above is subject to change at any point by the UAE government but we will continue to review and update as necessary. Shall you require any further details please do not hesitate to Contact Us.