Local Sponsorship Service

Are you a foreign company looking to provide consultancy or service-related activities in mainland UAE?

If so, we can assist you to establish a foreign branch (Branch) and identify the right licensed activities for you to operate compliantly.

In order to establish a Branch, the foreign company must appoint an Emirati national as its local services agent (more commonly known as a 'local sponsor'). The local sponsor will not participate in the management and/or operations of the Branch. It can, if required, provide guidance and assistance to the foreign company to ensure its compliance with local licensing formalities, including the renewal of the Branch licence and/or other authorisations each year, and obtaining residency visas and work permits for Branch employees.

We provide professional sponsorship services through a group of UAE-registered companies (CBD Group Companies) to ensure that you retain full control over your business and profits and are protected against the adverse effects of UAE Inheritance Law.
By engaging a CBD Group Company as your local sponsor, the foreign company will be assured of:

* 100% net profits;
* 100% management control;
* 100% business continuity;
* 100% clear exit strategy; and
* 100% ownership of valuable assets, including intellectual property rights.

Our CBD Group Companies are managed in accordance with international best practices, including anti-corruption and anti-bribery sanctions. Identifying the right Emirati partners for our Group Companies is serious business for us. It is vital to us that, prior to their selection, we develop solid relationships and that they understand the commercial realities of doing business in the region. As corporate governance is an important part of our business, they are fully background-checked as part of our due diligence process.

Our strict corporate governance procedures, regional expertise and proven track record make us the perfect partner for your UAE business. contact us at enquiries@cbddubai.com or call us on +971 (0) 45510677