Celebrating our client's success - Vital Certificates

As a service company, we recognise quality when we see it. That's why we teamed up with CBD. Their philosophy is 100% aligned with our own. No question is ever too much. Chris Miller Country Manager

Almost everyone in the UAE knows the horror story of someone affected when attestation goes wrong.  Whether it's the time and cost of having to make a visa run to the border because their residents visa could not be issues in time, or getting close to delivering a baby with an attested marriage certificate, getting the attestation process wrong causes issues.

Since 2006, Vital Certificates has been unraveling the complexities of document attestation for its clients across the globe.  We work to a very specific principle: treat every document as if it is our own.

But simple principles are hard to deliver well consistently.

As the only attestation company to have earned the ISO 9001 services quality accreditation, we know that clients want assurance that their precious documents are safe and in good hands.  These documents mean more than the paper they are written on.

With service guarantees, and a team that gets excited about pushing paper around (we know that's a bit strange) you can be certain that you're not just leaving things to chance.