Celebrating our client's success - The Carnrite Group

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, CBD helped us quickly establish a holding company Nick Carnrite Managing Director

The Carnrite Group is a management consultancy focused in the energy and industrial sectors. From offices in the USA, UK and UAE, Carnrite deploys a combination of consulting expertise and hands-on industry experience to projects globally. Carnrite helps clients navigate strategy, business transformation, human capital and organizational change, digital transformation and the Energy Transition. Additionally, Carnrite has an ecosystem of strategic partners which includes leading technology companies and Energy Transition specialists, such as Dubai-based NETZERO Middle East.  Carnrite recognizes that its clients face difficult business decisions – its mission is to make it easier for them.

Carnrite is proud to have a 30-year history in oil and gas, which remains its largest business segment. Energy industry clients include integrated energy companies, national oil companies, oilfield services, independent producers and refiners. Many of Carnrite’s consultants previously held leadership positions across the energy industry.

Carnrite has a pragmatic view of the Energy Transition, acknowledging that oil and gas will be integral in meeting energy demand for decades. At the same time, investor, regulatory and societal pressures will require carbon-intensive sectors to evolve. Companies must have an Energy Transition strategy and demonstrate measurable progress toward a lower-carbon future. Carnrite helps clients measure carbon emissions, form pragmatic, achievable Energy Transition strategies, operationalize those strategies at all levels of the organization and execute low carbon and sustainability projects.

Carnrite’s other service offerings include helping clients refresh corporate strategies, integrate mergers and acquisitions, streamline processes, increase cash-flow through supply chain and operations excellence, design and implement organizational structures and demonstrate the value of digital solutions. Carnrite believes active change management is integral to achieving and sustaining improvements.

“Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, CBD helped quickly establish a holding company in Abu Dhabi Global Markets and an onshore LLC in Abu Dhabi. Wayne and the team were our trusted partner throughout the process, which is critically important when setting up in a new country. As our corporate sponsor and advisor, CBD provides us with a foundation to support our clients in the UAE and across the GCC region.” – Nick Carnrite, Managing Director