Celebrating our client's success - Raw Coffee

As a business owner, we can always rely on CBD to be by our side, Kim Thompson Owner & MD

It is our 13th birthday this week, and while 2020 hasn't exactly been the year we had envisaged for ourselves, it is a year that has forced us to slow down, reflect, make some big changes and focus on our core values.

RAW Coffee Company is a self-funded owner operated business, founded in Dubai and we are the first specialty coffee roastery in the Middle East.  Our main business was supplying bags of coffee to some 200 odd commercial cafes and restaurants, and we have now pivoted this model to concentrate more on our online domestic orders and our community of home connoisseurs.  

The main take away from this current economic challenge is that we needed to be agile and evolve, and we will not only survive this crisis but will come out the other end with our business stronger and our 42 strong team safe and with their jobs secure.

We have lots of lovely fresh stock and are now focusing our time and energy on the people and the businesses who share the same ethics as we do, strengthening partnerships, improving how we communicate, and being kind. 

Kim Thompson - Owner/Managing Director