Celebrating our client's success - Protein Bakeshop

CBD worked with us as a trusted partner to provide full transparency and freedom to do business in the local UAE environment - Rash and Saad Co-founders

Founded in 2013, Protein Bakeshop's products can now be found across the UAE.

Rashi created the brand in her home kitchen.  As a full-time nutritionist, the product was initially developed for her clients.  They wanted to eat something sweet but healthy and hence Protein Bakeshop was born.

Protein Bakeshop's aim now, is to continue to create more innovative products (like they always have) and widen their distribution network.

"We believe we have all the right ingredients to strengthen our distribution, our brand is strong, our team is strong and our partners believe in our products."

For corporate governance, better decision-making and to ensure everything runs smoothly in case the owners exit the business, it was decided to restructure the company so that potential acquirers would be able to inherit a clean and orderly company structure.