Celebrating our client's success - NETZERO

We have already recommended other businesses to choose CBD for entity set-up

NETZERO is a consultancy firm based in the UAE which looks exclusively at how the Middle East can decarbonize and move towards a net-zero society. We work with Middle Eastern local project developers with greenhouse gas emission reduction, renewable and energy efficiency projects, helping them to find capital investment and ultimately deliver local carbon credits to market. This provides project developers with an alternate revenue stream and provides opportunities for public and private businesses to invest in projects that co-benefit communities within the region in support of In-Country Value (ICV) and meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Benefits to businesses include the ability to bolster Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) disclosures and sustainability reporting, which can in turn improve; access to capital, risk management, employee retention and brand value

Whilst the voluntary carbon market will help drive Middle Eastern climate action projects, carbon credits are not the solution that will enable the planet to meet the Paris Agreement goals of limiting global warming to well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

This is why NETZERO offers decarbonisation roadmaps where accurately measuring and setting a baseline carbon footprint number to a business’s portfolio of assets is the first vital step. Next involves understanding the reduction methods available and applicable to each business and how to implement and operationalise these succinctly throughout a defined time period. Finally NETZERO offers the ability to offset any remaining footprint via carbon credits issued from projects primarily originating locally within the Middle East region, until such point that carbon credits no longer need to be part of the equation.

Measuring and setting a baseline carbon footprint to a business’s portfolio of assets is the first vital step to understanding how much a business can do to reduce its footprint over time and against its peers. NETZERO through its technology partners can offer the ability for companies to compile security-rich, transparent, auditable data which can be aggregated into a carbon management platform at the same granularity as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financial system. We do this via blockchain and artificial intelligence and in doing so can provide automated major sustainability standards reports (such as SASB and TCFD) and a real-time dashboard for executives and investors to understand, measure and forecast carbon exposure data against financial risks.


"In 2020, CBD during difficult circumstances helped to set up our onshore DED LLC license. It certainly helps having knowledgeable, transparent and straight talking individuals like Helen, Wayne and Carl to make what could be a stressful and time consuming process a manageable and efficient one. CBD are now our corporate sponsor and trusted advisor on all things relating to business structuring and requirements to comply with local laws and regulations. We have already recommended other businesses to choose CBD for entity set-up and other corporate services here in the UAE"

Ashley Taylor, Managing Director