Celebrating our client's success - Little Bangkok

We have been with CBD for a long time and our relationship with them goes beyond just business, Mr Poon Haemapun Group CEO/Founder

We, Culex Hospitality, owned and operated by a Thai national, are the owners of the popular restaurant brands of Little Bangkok, Super Bowl, Hola Empanada and Culex Food Production.

Besides being a responsible business entity having our customers at heart, we are also ethical and fair employers,and firm believers in corporate social responsibility. We have 300+ employees and ensure we treat each of them well.  To that effect, the impact toward staff during the Covid-19 lockdown is minimal and we have ensured our staff are well-protected while performing their duties.

We deeply care for our environment and have implemented various green initiatives over the past few years.  Our 'plastic free' initiative has been especially successful.

Our customers being at the centre of all that we do, we have implemented stringent health and safety measures to ensure our patrons can dine with comfort and confidence.  With their health in mind, all our food is MSG-free.

Our goal is simple.  We believe in doing what's right - for our customers, our people, and our society.  That's the only way forward.