Foreign companies wishing to carry on contracting activities in the Emirate of Dubai must obtain a commercial licence from the local licensing authority and the consent of the Dubai Municipality (DM), the governing body which regulates the construction industry.

Foreign construction companies must be able to demonstrate a requisite level of expertise for each of the contracting activities that wish to be licensed to carry on in Dubai.  The DM will require each foreign construction company to provide a detailed track record on projects conducted and completed by the company in the preceding three years in its home jurisdiction, and any current projects which are not yet completed.   

The information to be submitted in support of an application must include details of the owner of the project, the project name, location and value, project commencement date and date of certificate of completion.  The DM will also require pictures of each completed project.

The company must appoint at least three technical and managerial staff who each must have over 10 years’ post degree experience.  Copies of their education certificates in an engineering field from a recognised university must also be submitted to the DM.

The engineers will need to be registered with the UAE Engineers’ Association at the DM and will be interviewed by the DM who will verify their experience in this field.

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