Transfer of Sponsorship

Many investors believe that it is difficult to replace their existing Emirati partner or sponsor but that is not the case.

CBD have assisted many foreign investors with established businesses throughout the UAE to replace their existing Emirati partner or sponsor with a corporate nominee partner.

Are you looking to expand an existing business? – has your business has been growing steadily over the years and you wish to continue on this trajectory, but you are concerned about potential business interruption through unwanted interference from your local partner/sponsor, exposure to your increased revenue stream and/or the untimely death of your individual partner/sponsor which could cripple the business pending settlement of inheritance issues.

Do you wish to sell an existing business? – you have grown a successful business and it is now time to move on and enjoy the fruits of your labour, but can you be sure that your local partner will support this transition without requesting a sizeable share of your sale proceeds? CBD has supported many transactions of this nature by stepping-in prior to sale to ensure that the transfer is completed on time and without risk of exposure to your sale proceeds.

Thinking of acquiring an existing business? – you many wish to enter the region or grow an existing business through acquisition, but you do not have an established relationship with the existing local partner/sponsor and/or your legal due diligence has revealed that there are no commercial agreements in place which give you unfettered control of the business operations or revenue.

Are you seeking investment for an existing business? – you wish to raise funds for your business to develop but the lenders require that you engage a corporate services provider, such as CBD, as local partner/sponsor to ensure that you have full control over the business and profits to protect their investment.

Have you graduated from the BCB?– you have entered the UAE through an incubation scheme and are now looking to restructure your existing Dubai Branch by replacing the current local sponsor with a trusted corporate services provider, such as CBD, and/or restructuring your business to a limited liability company which requires an Emirati to own at least 51% of the shares. CBD provides corporate nominee local partner services through a group of UAE-registered companies to ensure that you have full control of your business, its assets and revenue

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