CBD Entrepreneur Programme

Forming a commercial presence in the UAE can be daunting for a lone entrepreneur and should be carefully planned, budgeted for and executed. Part of that execution will involve working with the right partners to ensure your new business, assets and profits are secure and that a clear exit strategy has been developed.

Our entrepreneur programme has been specifically designed for those who wish to establish a small business on the mainland in the UAE.

We are experts in providing end-to-end business set-up and business support services throughout the UAE. From Fin Tech to on-line fashion trading, we will carefully analyze your organizational requirements and deliver the right corporate solution for your business to prosper. Our proven track record is supported by the successful facilitation of more than 100 businesses across 15 industry sectors in our first four years of operation.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of legal compliance. We have partnered with a boutique law firm to develop a bespoke set of start-up agreements for CBD Entrepreneur programme clients.

We will handle all the registration and licensing requirements to ensure that your new business is formed smoothly and efficiently. We will also link our entrepreneurs with a ready-made network of industry contacts through membership to one of the top two business groups in the UAE.